Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Stack and Splat Crocheted Baskets for Heuristic play

Photographs to follow but just to keep you intrigued. I started making these last year for friends with babies. I showed them my design of three to five coloured baskets, primary and secondary colours using safe and washable yarn. Some I made using raw silk and natural fibres too. I designed them so they could be gently stacked and then joyfully 'splatted'. Babies can learn to colour code and balance. Put things in them and on them and even wear them. I made two large sets including three smaller ones for a local Montessori Nursery last year and they've been a favourite four everyone. I'm so delighted. I'm now in the process of making a couple of sets for a friend's company who may like to add them into her catalogue. Now... where's my hook?!