Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A proud Brownie

And a very proud Mummy too. Hettie is a fully fledged Brownie and never better timing to be enrolled fully into the kit that is oh-so Brown than in time for Remembrance Sunday. Hettie made us all glow with pride all uniformed up and parading into our local church with the rest of her group to represent her Brownie troop. Lovely. I couldn't see much of her during the service, which only became touching on such a reflective day when two of our much older locals read out their memories of their fathers returning from the war but she did hold her copy of the order of service so tight and proud. It was me left holding her little teddy also togged up in Brownie gear (and also hand crocheted trousers) including a Poppy :-)

Friday, 1 November 2013

Art never for art 's sake

Milly is feeling very inspired after yesterday's Creepy Claymation at Signals Media Arts Centre with Hettie. She watched/is still watching Gravity Falls and is designing a background for some animation... she's already said how her characters will be very cartoony against the realistic background of tangled trees.