Friday, 29 August 2014

When cousins come to stay

Awwww my lovely nephew, all snuggled and cosy in Hettie's bed. Blissed-Out Aunty.

Hettie's clay crocodile

Hettie awoke with an idea to make a clay crocodile that will "have gold on it and slam down in the middle of something to destroy things". It's drying out now and will be painted soon... more pics to follow.

Milly's 'fort village's just gets better

An awesome, team building and trust game. She's so good at creating fun games for younger family. Proud Mummy.

Pizza and spiders anyone?

We enjoyed a lovely meal out at pizza express, in between courses we drew, played minecraft and created spider tattoos on each other... food was yummy too.

Milly's Anime workshop

Quite the natural 'teacher'. Milly loves to share her art skills and she did so well to help build confidence and guide the littlies to produce wonderful characters from one of her favourite cartoons. Hettie and Hector did so well.

Team-Milly support!

Watching Milly play Waterpolo and... errr... loom bands naturally!

Yum-Yum Paleo Foodie Time

Small selection of paleo inspired grub!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Baking and art

Milly's detailed pear. Medium: Self Raising flour and work top

Milly's baking frenzy

My lovely girlie is loving baking at the moment. The Great British Bake Off having something to do with it I think. Today she fancied an upside down cake so out came the Eve's Pudding recipe and the plums. She loves it and it's so reminiscent of times when I baked with my Mummy. Ahhhh, sweet sweet memories indeed.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sleepover time!

It's always adventure time when Hector comes to stay. The garden may just look messy but I assure you it's Milly's fabulous 'fort bouyard' (Milly said it's all about team building - bless) challenge especially for Hector and Hettie. No arguments. FABULOUS. LOL just very wet children who then enjoyed watermelon afterwards.

They're are soaking up four (hopefully) lovely days together before he goes off to school. We'll try not to dye his hair and tattoo him, Sam! LOL

Movie watching too... oh and minecraft of course :-D

Monday, 25 August 2014

Rainy Bank Holiday Projects

My first ever patchwork project... and some lovely Clarke and Clarke Fabrics for tea towels. Mum had a clear out at home and I'm trying to make/save us all a little money... perhaps selling our giving as gifts.


Milly's gorgeous choc chip cookies. Second batch all by herself. Yummmmeeeeeee! Well done my lovely. XX All that and we all snuggled up watching Carry On Up The Kyber. Hilarious (though I was actually cutting out patches for a new quilt project at the same time! Pictures to follow...

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Random Foodie Findings

My picnic pumpernickle shaped like the British Isles minus Scotland and Wales. Totally random and not remotely intentional. Is the universe trying to say something?

Discovery Centre

And discovering just how capable your children really are! Well we have a couple of commandettes in the making... awesome climbing skills girlies! Some lovely early Autumn colours too.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Up yours!

Yes, I'm angry!

This is my personal response to a person who viewed our house today! She had the audacity to suggest our home educated children would not have the 'basics' (whatever the heck they are) to start work in the 'real world'.

For those who know me... you know my answer!

For those who don't and remain ignorant, here is a very VERY small selection of photographs taken from our ' limited/limiting' world of what you think we do/don't do: