Saturday, 2 August 2014

All by herrrrrsellllf... she's reading...

In fleeting visit to the library the other day, with the intention of returning much over due books and paying a fine (oooops!) The simmer reading challenge was on. Milky had no interest in this anymore as its aimed at much younger children than herself. Hettie gently enquired about it and decided to give it a go. We filed in a form and she grabbed some books. Six in all though, you can only take six! I suggested taking subs lovely picture books too (I secretly REALLY miss reading them). She took one, did some in-the-head-maths to work out how many more she'd need and she chose the 'schoolie' type. She wanted to read one there and then. She did so well. I'm constantly in awe. This little girlie had never been to school, never been forced, coerced, encouraged to read. We have a font/text rich environment, I NEVER say no to reading aloud to them (apart from those past-eleven-at-night requests when my eyes are tired)... Yes, she did alright ;-) One proud Mummy here.

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