Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Milly's first business project

Mangacatures. This one is a really good likeness of her friend, Safina.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Happy Birthday Milly

Pizza Express is our girlies choice for any celebration. Lucky ladies get to have a week of pizza indulgence.

This is my Saturday in

A beautiful play blanket for my friends baby who is yet to be born. I hope you'll like it Matilda. XX

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Happy Birthday, Milly

Our big girlie is 11 today... lots of fun and friends today.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Picnic Time and Steam

Makincould hg the trememberedmost out of last days of summer. The Museum Of Power was holding a Heritage Day. All aboard the steam train (the whole thing about steam converting into energy continues to amaze me).
We met up with Dad and Berry which was a lovely surprise (we all piled round to Nanny's for tea afterwards).

Milly was given a lovely old vintage Dart 8 mm cine camera. She's so happy with it... it's a great little thing we're able to learn so much about the evolution of cameras! (I'm in love with Google for that!)

Hettie through a bunch of oak leaves over the walk-bridge and we did pooh sticks. Daddy threw a Conker and we all watched it roll down down the stream in the shallow water.

It was such a lovely day... smelling the oil, coal, steam and swarfega, hearing all the churning, rolling, banging and thudding of all the machinery. The girlies enjoyed pressing all the buttons and pulling levers just to see, just to hear, just to feel. In fact... it's never actually just, is it! They saw, they heard and they felt. They learned.

Note the bag filled with conkers!
I immediately remembered my science lessons on seeing this stop clock.
Milly's awesome cine camera... so much fun still to be had. Even if it doesn't work!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Milly's Eve's Pudding

She's getting a dab hand at this baking business. Lots of chat about the current education minister, binding, curdling eggs, butter and sugar mixture and food weights. Yesterday we were at a friends having a one on one learning about installing, downloading and upgrading so we talked about measurements within pc's ie. GB, KB and MB... it's all a foreign language to me but I'm hopeful that my two understand it all. They are linking weights and measures all the time. It seems to be everywhere and the more we do the more I see. It's unavoidable. Less abstract than formal 'Maths'.

Fractions Sausage Pasty style

Hettie learns about halves, thirds, symmetry, division, the six and two times table... but don't tell her she did! LOL She totally got it and in 20 minutes she'll be able to eat maths! It's EVERYWHERE I tell you... everywhere.

Series Two of GRAVITY FALLS - YAY!

You gotta love Gravity Falls... we do and no-one more than Milly who is a HUGE fan! She's well and truly given Mabel a Manga Make-over.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

It doesn't matter that it's Clacton!

It's the sea! And we love it! Simply wonderful breathing in all that fresh air and rummaging through the delights that the sea had washed up! We all found some wonderful curiosities to bring home and enjoy. What shall we do with them?