Thursday, 4 June 2009

Bloggs and my intentions

Just a very brief posting to purely remind myself to GET TO BED EARLIER!

We have had an incredible week so far and I have been documenting it... On paper with the intention to post it here. I will get round to updating our blogg and certainly before we go away.

It has been mostly a very mellow home this week with one exception (well probably a few more to be honest) of Hettie choking on a penny and, thankfully, swallowing it! Poor girlie... So now commences the search for the penny when she has spent a rather-large-one herself... eye watering stuff you know! Milly did get very upset about it at the time but all is well now... just have to wait for the 'goods' to turn up now!

Milly maybe really lucky and see the penny again herself when the Tooth Fairy visits. Yes, she has her first wobbly tooth! Alot of excitement here I tell you.

On the good news side of things, Milly has been sleeping so much better and as Martin put it "she doesn't have her little worries anymore". I hope that's the case anyway because whatever it is, she is a happier little girlie all round.

Letter went off to school on Wednesday so we are hoping at least to receive some acknowledgment from Mr Young and confirmation of Milly's de-registration.

I AM going to bed now... Missed my swim tonight so will be aiming to belt out some lengths next week!


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