Wednesday, 8 July 2009

There has been a brief interlude!

Please bear with me while we settle back from being away with the family in the beautiful and remote Bourgogne region of France! The washing pile is still snarling at me and I am fraught with anxieties regarding keeping things 'going' in the diary for the girlies! I'd make a crap PA!

To be honest it's all just the big come-down from the wonderful holiday we had and me drying out from the amazing wines and rather yummy lagers which were sampled quite regularly through out the day! All done with incredible sophistication and responsibly too. I guess it's what happens at the 40 end of your thirties and with gorgeous babies under our wings. Hector enjoyed sipping the odd wine or lager and I was somewhat relieved that my two snubbed the offer from Aunty Sam and added "Yuk... Beer IS DISGUSTING! I guess it's all to come when they are teenagers eh!

I will ear mark an evening to get on line to fill you all in with the many activities we've done since the last post. We've had some lovely discussions and have done some research in areas that Milly has expressed interest. It's all in my head at the moment so providing that stays intact... I will be uploading it all on here shortly!


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