Wednesday, 21 October 2009

And to continue with Science...

Yes, it has featured quite heavily over the past couple of months. In particular Fungi!

Both the girlies are members of the Nature Detectives which sends a weekly email with a challenge to complete... Always an outdoor activity which is great as I always consider it Milly's PE lesson! With science, literature, art and maths thrown in for good measure. Hettie is dropped off at Playgroup (sounds cruel as I type that... she does LOVE it though... I say, convincing myself) and Milly and I meet up with friends at our local woods to execute the challenge of the week.

All the children have their clipboards and pencils ready... it's always great to see them so excited and eager. I sometimes forget that we are all there learning.

The night before, I print out the worksheets for the challenge which go into Milly's clipboard and we set off. Most recently it's been about Fungi of course being that time of year. Hettie was out of sorts that particular day but it didn't stop us having some mouldy fun at home. Hettie was sleeping for most of the day on the settee so we took advantage of that and had some one on one time together (in between mopping vomit and talking about what makes us sick and all the other things that go with puking!)

We decided to grow some mould of our own and using the worksheets we found three pots with lids and Milly found three different things she would like to grow mould on! Cheese, Bread and a slice of Banana with the skin still on. She wrote out her predictions and the different locations where she wanted to grow the mould (airing cupboard and on top of radiator) and how many days it may take for the mould to grow etc. We discussed fungi in some detail and then did a bit of art, slicing the bottom off a mushroom and putting it on a piece of paper with a glass over the top of it! After a couple of days it produced a beautiful spore print. During the day Milly played in the garden for sometime making lots of 'muddy' things and digging stuff up! Later that day she wrote a book on line (a little help from me)... this was fantastic and was interrupted by poor Hets having a vom! Milly soldiered on though and completed it and had great delight in printing it all off. The link try it it's really fun!

Milly stayed on the PC for sometime after that using the Mouse Studio programme to create a birthday card for a friend. Then a random question flew my way as I was cuddling Hettie "How does our skin heal when it has been cut, Mummy?" So out came the Body book (with the scary picture on the front) and we looked at lots of pictures of horrible skin conditions and we talked about how it heals... we also googled it.

Milly also helped me write my book 'Nanny doesn't have a Garden'... Soon to be published whenever I have time to complete it and persuade Aunty Bren to illustrate it!

It was a lovely day and of course she too spent parts of the day looking after Hettie with me. She fetched towels and cleaning things and all that whilst covering her nose and mouth trying not to puke herself... Now that's dedication!

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