Sunday, 24 May 2009

Our deciding chat...

Since Milly arrived in our lives we've been living with the 'five year' count down to school... I have never been entirely secure or even remotely happy about this but just went along with it as one does! "It's the norm... it's considered a child's natural journey". This just didn't sit comfortably with us and we have since come to witness Milly's discomfort too. However, this brief introduction to our blogg (I have to get on with shopping on-line for the week before I flop on keyboard... SO busy and SO tired) will hopefully enlighten a few, explain to some and enrich many about our exciting (probably frightening) and undoubtedly educating journey!

Today we had an impromptue but lovely BBQ and saw the opportunity to discuss the topic of leaving school with Milly. Hettie was scoffing Pasta (she's not a Barbie-Girl... some relief in that I think ;-)) when Martin asked Milly if she was enjoying the half term hols... "Oh yes I do" and he asked "why is that, Mills?" and her answer was "because there is no school and I don't like school". "Do you miss your friends in the holiday, Milly? Pass the chilli sauce please!" to which she declared "No. no because I can think about them instead and I have Hettie to play with and Mummy can call their Mummies and make appointments for me to see my friends and for my friends to come to mine for tea and things so it's ok... I don't like school."

So there in the plainest and simplest english was our answer... So here we are... Letter to Mr Young at the ready (waiting to be dated) and me with computer fired up ready to do a tonne more research for resources and probably alot of other stuff which I never new (which reminds me, I have to look on ebay for a new tent for our French hols)... yes, camping for two weeks! And yes the weather HAS to be kind to us Pleeeeease!

Right, I'm off now...I'm going to do shop then ebay then downstairs for wine and chill and to absorb it all... ready and willing to take my girlies on this exciting journey which I for one don't really know where we're heading... but it's going to be FUN!

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  1. Hi guys xxx

    You are have always been on the bonkers side, but I admire your dedication as parents, to try and do what you feel is right for Milly.

    Daisy hates school too, never wants to go back after any break, which includes the weekends!!! However I understand that she is like this because she would 'rather be with me'. If I decided that Daisy need never go back to school again she would be the happiest little girl at home, However I have watched her at school and witnessed her without her knowing that I was there and it was like a different girl to the one I thought I would see.... There was no tears left from when I left her, she was playing, joining in and laughing with her peers. It breaks my heart sometimes to leave her crying or upset at school, but after watching her and being assured, we sat down together and had a good chat. Daisy is home girl and likes nothing better than to be at home, but some of this was all brought about by her seeing how sad it made me to leave her and she was reacting to that.... clever girl! If I was bonkers like you guys, home schooling would be an excellent concideration, but I know in my heart she really is happy.

    Milly will be happy and content wherever she is, school or at home, as long as your a happy and content mummy!!!

    There is no right or wrong only decisions.

    On a very plus plus side, home schooling needs a boost, you would be fantastic. xxx