Thursday, 28 May 2009

Responses, Reassurances and Raisins

Well, I should have put money on my old mate Tina being the first to add to this... and I am never let down by Tina and her ever-present confidence boosts and verbal pats on the back... LOVE you bud!

What a glorious day today though. Still air and warm sunshine... not oppressive as in previous summer days (as they go)!

We started our morning for the first time with a real element of relaxation (poor Martin having to endure the hideous commute)... I was sure that someone had secreted a Whale Song track in to our house as the energy was SO different!

First discussions over the breakfast table for a long while mid-week as I'm normally steaming about getting bags, shoes, coats and toothbrushes ready etc. As I was sipping Red Bush Milly asked how we can kill flies... nice! Most savoury whilst eating. However, she said she would use something big and heavy which led onto talking about how the fly always flies off just as you are raising your weapon to end it's poo and sick filled life! We talked about the minute hairs on it's body and it's little wings which sense changes in air pressure and that's why they buzz orf! I showed the girlies the fly swat and told them they are better because the air goes through the holes and for some reason the flies leave escaping a tad too late leaving us with a yukky mess to clear up.

So after Milly and Hettie had finished cutting bananas for my breakfast (yes I was somewhat fuelled quite well today... feeling it now though!) we carried out an experiment... not about flies no... about dehydration. Hettie talked about raisins during breakfast and I saw the opportunity to chat about this... They thought about all the types of dried fruit there are (quite alot actually in fact most fruit can be dried these days. They already knew that raisins were once grapes at prunes plums so we decided to try to re-hydrate them and we shall see in the morning what they look like as they are currently steeping in a tumbler of water.

Bird activity in the garden is on the up at the moment with all the baby spider clusters, much to Milly's (certainly not Hettie's) delight, and little bugs and beasties about. Lots of great tits bouncing of the garden walls and the house and diving in and out of the strawberry patch and buddlea (sp.) We searched high an low for confirmation of what I saw today in the garden and since Milly is desperate for a picture of a nightingale, we called our twitcher extraordinaire... Grandad, who said I probably saw a Yellow Hammer (it was beautiful) and "Yes, I'll bring a picture of a Nightingale for Milly on Sunday".

For part of the day Milly was a ballet dancer, a pianist, an 'evil girl cashier' whose customers were only allowed to buy "one thing only in my shop, Mummy!" I did try to negotiate two things... and won! Hee hee! Hettie was another type of dancer and soon a very wet one too as she's just learning that one has to consider getting out of the leotard before saying "I want a wee wee, Mummy!"

The girlies spent the afternoon with Grandma, Nigel and Aunty Janet today and helped Nigel build the BBQ Chimenea thing (very large BBQ constructed against the stack of the chimney). Hettie was covered in chocolate and concrete and Milly... just chocolate. Where was mine! Hmmm, rice cake for me then.

Must off now, cake to bake as this afternoons one was a blinding disaster! I blame the square tin!


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