Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Research for Art History Project

 June 2013 - 'Board of Time'

Reasearch for the 'Board Of Time' Exhibition.  The first I have curated.  From an idea I had almost five years ago to an actual real life and proper Exhibition, open to the public and with an interview with the local press leading to an article in their paper.  The following stills are photographs Milly took in preparation of her Board.  She had to cover 450AD-800AD.  We also visited St Peter's on the Wall at Bradwell-on-Sea for further inspiration.  These pictures, however were taken at the brilliant Ipswich Museum... We printed some off and Milly used them within her piece of art.  The piece is currently still being exhibited as we had an extension of a further three weeks.  More pictures to follow but for now:

And after all that 'hard work' of researching for the Board, a lovely play in the glorious June sunshine in Ipswich Park.

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