Monday, 30 September 2013

Train Rides



This was Milly chatting to a friend about to embark on their Mini Railway adventure.  We all met with friends at Chelmsford Miniature Railway Station and enjoyed an hour or so of unlimited trips on two different steam engines.  Hettie thought one had to be shrunk prior to sitting on the seats.  It was a lovely day, fresh, warm and bright and a splendid way to start the week.  We met with Will and Amelie and saw lots of other friends too.  The staff were all volunteers and were all absolutely charming and very generous with their knowledge.

Everyone was told NOT to reach out with their hands but look what Hettie brought back from her journey on the train.  A collection of beautiful blooms... Hmmmmmmm I wonder where she got those from!

This was my bit of art for the day!  A lovely chunk of coal in the shape of a heart placed on the gorgeous iron steps leading to the bridge over the railway.  Who says these days out are just for the children?

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