Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Treats for the Tricksters

We had the pleasure of Aunty Sam and cousin Hector today. For the most part they had tremendous fun playing on screens all the while listening to David Williams' Audio book The Demon Dentist. All in true Halloween fashion. Mine craft got a good seeing to as did animal crossing and some lovely out door play in the fresh autumnal air.

Milly, Hettie and I had a tonne of fun yesterday making some full throttle,  fully loaded with sugar ginger biscuits in very Halloweeny shapes and we had in mind to decorate them the next day. It was just made extra special having Sam and Hecs here too.

So the following pics are that of our biccie decorating shenanigans... it was pure joy respectfully observing their own individual techniques... they were thoroughly enjoyed scoffing them all throughout the day...yum...crunch!

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