Thursday, 3 October 2013

At home

This is the 'Home' in Home Education!  "It's not all work, work, work!"  2011 Though I do believe a children's work is play, play, play!  A tough job but someone's got to do it :-)

Hettie loves to create a space for herself in the house.  This is her yurt we all helped to build.  Milly and their friend A also enjoyed eating their lunch in Hettie's new temporary home 2011.
Hettie with her Lavender Cat.

Milly designs her lovely Lavender Cat.  I found this lovely pattern and idea in a book I received for my 40th.  Its full of really inspiring makes!  A real treat for crafty-fingers!  I used a lovely soft brushed cotton sheet we were given for Milly when she was a newborn. They still have these cats which we made with their friend A who visited that day.  They designed, stuffed with home-grown Lavender and rice to give it a nice weight and sewed the bottoms up themselves.  Sweet smelling moggies for their bedrooms

Story Sacks - Puff the Magic Dragon 

We set too designing a Story Sack to share with fellow Home Edders with 'younger' children.  We'd prepared facts and puzzles for the other children to have a go at.  It was very popular and we loved receiving it back again to see what the others had added to the 'Cave' we made.  We made a cardboard box look a little like a cave with basic bits like Stalagmites and Stalactites and rocky places to sit with shells and a bags of precious things for Jackie Paper.  It came back painted gold and with added pretty things.  It was lovely and a shame I didn't take more pictures of what we created and what was added. 
 This is Puff's bed of course!  All glittery.  An old pearl necklace was added to the edges along with pretty little shells from a bag of beachcombed goodies.


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