Saturday, 25 January 2014

Family Advisory Panel

The first of the year. We are one of the few families on the First Site Art Gallery Family Advisory Panel. It requires us to attend two hour long sessions each month to trial activities the public will then be invited to do at the gallery.

We had an interesting introduction to the new exhibition which includes work from five different artists.

We watched a short film showing one artists work and then did some art together (sketching one installation... one pencil, one piece of paper and three hands)... that was a giggle!

There was more work to be done with a new artist at the gallery. She had us look at the art we had done and choose an element of it, trace and rub and copy it a few times. The idea was to copy it many times using different papers. Repeat the pattern. A collage in effect.

It was all to do with Kim Dotcom and a New Zealand artist.

We also looked at Henri Chopin the concrete poet.

In all a fabulous way to spend an afternoon followed by a movie, courtesy of the Gallery - Fern Gullet.

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