Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Milly's Homemade Pyjama Trousers

With the careful guidance of our fabulous friend, Milly managed to piece together a pair of scrummy PJ Trousers. Jules brought a delightful book round with a fab pattern in it for Milly to try. Previously, I had found, unopened and new, a pack of bedding. Candy stripe brushed cotton. Ooooooooh sooo soft!

And Ta-Dah! With help from Jules, engine power from Milly with the sewing machine and a tad of crappy finishing off from me (I'm NOT that good OR fussy/neat) a gorgeous pair of PJ Trousers. And... a very VERY happy Milly. XX

Hettie: "Have you made me a pair too?" 

Me: "Errrrrr... not yet!"

Operation 'PJ make'... starts tomorrow then!

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