Saturday, 25 January 2014

Milly's Action Figure Clothes Design and Make

Milly loves to design and make doll's clothes. Her own too.

This is a practice dress for her action figure from the movie Frozen. We've had a few 'moments' working on this. Mainly her impatience/eagerness in the cutting department!

Milly has not made a dress properly from scratch before and neither have I so it is pure guess work. Ultimately its fun and she's REALLY loving it... more pictures to follow...

So here are more pictures and how proud does Milly look with the end result. She is currently using fabric pastel dye sticks we found on offer in a shop that's closing down (it was too good an offer to just leave them there). She's creating a lovely design. Very bespoke.

So we have both learned much in this process and Milly says "it's not as easy as it looks". We fully appreciate all the hard and intricate, painstaking work that goes into all these mass produced doll's clothes shipped in from China. So much skill goes unnoticed... not from us, anymore! We are novices and happy to learn and constantly appreciate the luxury and privilege of being able to at our leisure.

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